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Randa Hafez his long return after its absence

26 February 2014

After an absence dating rising star Randa snuggle song which " authorized " by the words of the poet : Ayman Bahgat Amar and composed by : Mohammed club and distribution : Thomas and Digital Master Reseller great :

مقرّبون من الشحرورة لـ

20 February 2014

مقرّبون من الشحرورة لـ

We have recovered the dancer million pounds

17 February 2014

We have regained the dancer with the help of Investigation Giza amount of one million pounds had been stolen from them Feiltha in Sheikh Zayed City in the sixth of October The detective managed to unravel the mystery behind the theft , it was found that the culprit is our server

Sandy shorts hot ignite the atmosphere in Britain

28 October 2013

Sandy shorts hot ignite the atmosphere in Britain

Last Sunday in the British University was a big concert date for the singer Sandy amid a large rally of her fans

Haifa wahbe not imitate the voice of the cat

23 October 2013

Lebanese singer dropped their consent post Syrian actor Samo in a song titled "Cat", which was lead by the sound of

Pamila elkik Lebanese want to mimic Kim Cardeschan,

18 October 2013

Pamillkik Lebanese want to mimic Kim Cardeschan
Said Pamillkik the shape change in the question

Maya Diab at the Festival "Vogue Fashion Dubai Experience "Golden Boot

13 October 2013

The Lebanese star Maya Diab as a guest of honor at the festival Vogue Fashion Dubai Experience which will be held in the Emirate of Dubai.

The Arab world is filed singer Wadih El Safi

11 October 2013

Moved the great Lebanese artist Wadih El Safi to the mercy of God in the evening of Friday 11
 October, after long suffering from the disease.

Haifa Wehbe dancing to Egypt Star Academy 9

10 October 2013

The Haifa Wehbe singing three songs in the episode in which she participated in, initiated the " Boherb of your eyes with the performance of a dance exhibition , then" increasing frustration "with Rana Samaha of Egypt and" Thieves Hearts " with Alkhljugian Abdullah Abdul Aziz and

wella Choose Myriam Fares

02 October 2013


Chose a famous pharmaceutical company Wella Lebanese singer Miriam Fares to be Ambassador to the

Actress flattering Najla Badr cause forest Ahmed Zaher with his wife

22 September 2013

Ahmed Zaher Representative confirmed the words of his wife, Huda that the image of with Najla actress Badr did not cause Hemmat marital disagreements, but was confirmed in practice.

Haifa Wehbe happy return of Sherihan lights

21 September 2013

Arabized Lebanese singer Haifa Wehbe pleased the return of the star Sherihan lights of New, Zarōha on the 

chilla sabt paper and the lure of the State of Bahrain

13 September 2013

Here in the small Arab state of Bahrain no mannequin municipality of Bahrain called chilla sabt
Featuring light shade and beauty and sexual temptation and to give the impression severe
This shows through some of the beautiful images you see the same glamorous beautiful and attractive slim-strong
And simple clothes with extensive conquests than women here in Bahrain
They wear clothes almost never show a bit of femininity


كيم كارديشان تعود لقصرها الفخم مع حبيبها كريس بالصور

بعد طول غياب ترجع كيم كارديشان لمنزلها مع حبيبها كريس 

Ruby No one can compete with me

14 June 2013

A few media appearances and also "technically", but we were

Nicole Saba impressed me ZiadNicole Saba

13 June 2013

I spoke artist Nicole Saba amateur programs that currently displaying confirmed that it is following the Arab Idol program and described the vote participate Balazimh

View Suhair Ramzi Ramadan

07 June 2013

Preparations are under way to resume filming the series "tables" in full swing, and the starring 
actress Suhair Ramzi and produced by Voice of Cairo, where the director, Dr. Adel Aasar preview some places that will be where the shooting outside starting from next week, while being the completion of the special permits to travel some team members to Turkey and Dubai to film outdoor scenes of the series.
"Tables" starring Suheir Ramzi, Mahmoud Kabil, Shirin, Omar Hassan Yousef, Amr Ramzi, Reham Ayman, Ahmed Fouad Selim and written by Faisal Murad directed by Adel Aasar,.
Work delayed due to the financial conditions of state production companies after the revolution
He says Alsinarist Faisal Murad author of the work "Ilaf" he chose the name "tables" as a symbol of fertility and prosperity, which applies to the role of the heroine of work, explaining that he had nominated actress Suhair Ramzi of the series, after the completion of writing fully even though they were not I decided to return after representation.
He pointed out that the "tables" revolves around the life story of a woman facing the challenges and difficult circumstances experienced by and succeed in overcoming these circumstances, especially as her husband and father of her daughters is heading to addiction which increases the burden of responsibility placed on it, and make it live a life of a turbulent period is considerable.
He added that he wrote the series and a foot Voice of Cairo, which was approved by through the Committee of viewing but production was delayed until it was included on the agenda of production during the current year, pointing out that delays during the past years affected the situation of financial companies production government after the revolution of January 25.
He justified not withdrawn for the series of Voice of Cairo and heading it into the other company to the lack of strong relationships collected with the producers of the drama, pointing out that he feels good about the work so far, especially since the manufacturer has provided all the necessary 
facilities to exit properly.

All scenes veil justified
In turn, said actress Suhair Ramzi as enthusiastic about the work they are not offered through a perfect figure, but figure you may see in your daily life, it is the mother of two daughters in the stages of different age, and despite her headscarf and commitment to religious but one of her daughters are exposed to a serious problem affecting her life dramatically.
Suhair stressed that all the scenes of the veil in the series are justified to avoid exposure to criticism, pointing out that personal clothing evolve their levels of social change appear in the first episodes modest clothes during her stay popular area before exiting and move to another area with the improvement of their material conditions.
She had stuck miniseries despite postponed several times because of her admiration scenario written, noting that young people participating with them in the series will have a big role in the future, especially since they have shown commitment and disciplined and preserved for their roles dramatically, which helped in the completion of filming.
Shirin: my friendship Bsaar stretch off the screen
Describes the artist Shirin that relationship Bzmiltha Suhair Ramzi extended over the years, which is encouraged to participate in the "Tables", especially since the two large number of scenes together, noting that it embodies the role of her best friend from childhood who lives in another area, but keep in touch with her for her skill in costume design, familiar with her colleagues from the wealthy class, helping them to overcome the problem of poverty from which they suffer.
Shirin emphasizes that the "Tables" features to keep away from politics and discuss the problems of Egyptian society, which makes it different from the rest of the dramas, demanding a strong audience waiting for the series during the month of Ramadan.

Amr Ramzy: My work with Suhair Ramzi and Adel Imam refine my talent
Refers artist Amr Ramzy to be working with top artists such as Suheir Ramzi and Shirin is polishing his talent especially for their expertise long stand in front of the camera pointing out that he benefited greatly during his participation in the series "Band Naji Atallah" with the artist Adel Imam and also benefited from the stand in front of actress Suhair Ramzi .
Symbolic in the series embodies the role of an accountant in a bank located in love with the daughter of tables, which in turn young artist Reham Ayman after their wedding arise differences between them are trying to solve tables for the continuation of their married life.
Was completed 50% of the action scenes

In turn, the director refers Adel Aasar to it finished shooting 50% from the events of the series since filming was completed interiors where the tables in the house door of poetry, as well as some other scenes that have been photographed studios sound Cairo Abbasia.
He Aasar that he hoped to catch up with the offer Ramadan, especially with their willingness to resume filming next week, as will be determined later imaging outside of the series, pointing out that he agreed with the artist Suheir Ramzi to coordinate the dates of photography among the "tables" and her series new "injured my age," which began filming recently.

On the apology artist Ahmed Bedier of the series in the final moments due to disagreement on pay with the manufacturer, said Aasar that all work stages nominations but in the end was stability on the team that Sadmh series, and Go imaging him, stressing that the apology right of any artist.

Miss Iraq like Haifa until the madness

04 June 2013

Since the Iraqi girl announced Raghad Jaber they are crazy Lebanese singer Haifa Wehbe

Raghad was keen to be the first to present in Haifa ceremony of Kurdistan of Iraq, and as soon as the rise of the artist to the theater took declare and crying for joy that fell to the ground, and after Avaguetha almost fall again not for the fact that her mother held media Maha Marsoumi her hand

It is reported that luck alone was behind prevent Raghad access to Haifa, especially since the concert was crowded masses, to the extent that lanes were blocked, prompting the organizers and the security men to develop a secondary road to pass a car star down to the theater and then get out of it

In another context, Raghad attacked via her Facebook page Arabic singing lady Um Kulthum and wrote under the image "Sorry Umm Kulthum Frgd the Jaber here."

Also attacked an Iraqi singer she tarnished Asil Iraqi art, and asked her friends not to compare this artist because it is not true compared only to "Majid Al Haitham Yousef and Haifa!"

It is noteworthy that Raghad Al-Jaber claimed approximately 7 million views on YouTube with 
their participation in the video performance in experiments "Arap Idol"

Appeal to Najwa Karam

01 June 2013

The Najwa Karam watched forget himself through the beauty and how much wish to draw closer,

Sagging hands of the great Madonna exposes her age

Madonna beautiful U.S. tried hard to hide Gaob sagging Harinhaotzar the agility beautiful ...But   

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